Mash is one of the most beloved female characters by fans of the Fate GO franchise and how can you not love her when she’s kawaii.

Mash is a mysterious and kind-hearted girl. However, that smile hides a deep sadness, since her destiny is to have a very short life.

Mash is actually a sorceress genetically engineered under the orders of Marisbury Animusphere, the late Director of Chaldea, to be a vessel and control the powers of a heroic spirit or Servant.

When Mash was only 10 years old, Chaldea performed the invocation of a heroic spirit, they managed to summon and bind a spirit to Mash, but the hero could not awaken, so the research team considered the project a failure and Mash would be left in Chaldea’s care.

However, because she was a genetically modified organism, her lifespan was set from conception at only eighteen years; a fact kept secret between her and her doctor, Dr. Romani. At the beginning of the story Mash is sixteen years old, with only two years remaining.

When Mash enters combat his demi-servant attire is black armor with an opening in the abdomen, black gloves and boots, a garter on the right thigh, a large cross-shaped shield and for some strange reason he does not wear his glasses, as in his ordinary look he wears rectangular-rimmed glasses, a gray hooded sweatshirt over a black shirt with a white collar, a red tie, a black skirt and black stockings and brown shoes.

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