The anime #BocchiTheRock! has been a huge success since its release in Japan a week ago. The first Blu-ray/DVD package of the series, which was released on December 28, has accumulated a total of 16,793 copies sold (14,821 Blu-ray and 1,972 DVD). This figure makes it the third best-selling initial series in the history of Manga Time Kirara magazine adaptations, behind only the two seasons of “K-On!”.

“Bocchi the Rock!” is an anime that follows the story of Bocchi, a shy and lonely girl who tries her best to make friends. Despite her efforts, Bocchi is constantly rejected and is left friendless. One day, she meets a girl named Kai, who gives Bocchi the opportunity to make friends and learn about friendship.

This anime is an emotional and heartwarming story that has attracted a large audience worldwide. Be sure to stay tuned for our news where we will announce the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD package releases!