Adult film stars in Japan are a topic of great interest to fans of the adult entertainment industry known as JAV, and this 2023, several big names in the industry are expected to announce their retirement, which will have a significant impact on the JAV landscape.

Among the most anticipated retirements is that of Yua Mikami, a popular actress known for her beauty. Also expected to retire are Chiaki Hidaka and Arina Hashimoto, two very talented actresses who have gained many fans over the years. The retirement of these stars will be a blow to the JAV industry, but will also present new opportunities for the next generation of actors and actresses.

It is important to note that retirements in the JAV industry are common, and many actors and actresses decide to retire after a few years in the industry. While it may be sad to see some of the best known names in the JAV depart, it is important to remember that this is a natural part of the business.

In 2022 we had retirements of notable stars, such as Hitomi, Makoto Toda, Ruka Inaba,Touka Rinne and Magnum aka Victor.
As JAV stars retire, new opportunities will present themselves for the next generation of actors and actresses, ensuring that the industry continues to thrive in the years to come.