An Uber Eats delivery driver was arrested for fraud in Japan after lying about an accident with a cab while riding his motorcycle. Yuta Kato, 36, filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police Department, reporting the accident as a “property accident” in which he was not injured. However, Kato informed the head of the cab company that the accident was the fault of the cab driver and that he had been injured in the leg, for which he demanded damages and claimed medical expenses.

Kato received a total of 1,555,374 yen in nine payments from the cab company, which included motorcycle repair costs and compensation for his alleged injuries. However, after investigations, police discovered that Kato had been involved in 40 traffic accidents since 2013 and had received about 3.13 million yen in insurance compensation. In addition, he had also received about 5 million yen in unauthorized welfare benefits.

The Traffic Investigation Division and Nogata Police proceeded to arrest Kato for the fraud committed. This case demonstrates the importance of honesty in any situation and the danger of lying for illicit financial gain.