In the anime world, voice actress #AiKayano is known for her role in popular series such as #Anohana and #K-On! but most recognizable as Darkness in #Konosuba. However, Japanese fans have noticed that her activity in the industry has declined considerably in recent years, and wonder if the controversy she had with Chinese audiences two years ago could be the reason behind her decline.

In 2018, Kayano was involved in a controversy with the Chinese public due to her public support for Taiwan and Hong Kong. Although she initially apologized for her comments, some Chinese fans were still angry and threatened to boycott her work.

While it is difficult to say for certain whether the controversy with China has had a direct impact on Kayano’s career, it may have contributed to his decline in the anime industry. As the anime market in China becomes increasingly important, Japanese companies may be shying away from signing artists who have generated controversy with Chinese audiences.

It’s a shame to see a talented voice actress like Ai Kayano struggling in her career due to a political controversy. Hopefully, regardless of what caused her decline, Kayano will find a way to return to the anime industry and continue to delight her fans around the world.